24 Chambersburg Street • Gettysburg, PA 17325 • (717) 334-8634
Open Monday through Saturday, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Ben's Rock Shop is a small store owned and operated by Ben Hinks. Please stop in and take a look at the fine specimens available. The rock shop is located inside Gettysburg Electronics and Gettysburg Christian Bookstore.

Arrow-Calcite.jpg Stilbite-and-Heulandite-1.jpg Phacops-rana.jpg Apophyllite.jpg Calcite-and-Celestine.jpg Scolecite-and-Apophyllite.jpg Paleocoma-Egertoni.jpg Herkimer-Druze.jpg Fossil-Cockroach.jpg Heulandite.jpg Pyrite-Sun.jpg Amethyst-Citrine-Quartz.jpg Ulrichicrinus-coryphaeus.jpg Herkimer-Diamonds.jpg Smoky-Quartz.jpg Celestite.jpg Galena-etc.jpg Knightia-eocaena.jpg Amethyst.jpg Carcharodon-megalodon.jpg Dolomite.jpg

Now available are a variety of polished obsidian items from Mexico, amethyst from Brazil, celestite from Africa, and more! Fossil shark teeth, chunks of rose quartz, mobile device microscopes... Stop in, and see what we have.