Ben's Rock Shop is closed.

Ben's Rock Shop was a small store in Gettysburg owned and operated by Ben Hinks, and sold rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils. The rock shop was located inside Gettysburg Electronics and Gettysburg Christian Bookstore.

Arrow-Calcite.jpg Stilbite-and-Heulandite-1.jpg Phacops-rana.jpg Apophyllite.jpg Calcite-and-Celestine.jpg Scolecite-and-Apophyllite.jpg Paleocoma-Egertoni.jpg Herkimer-Druze.jpg Fossil-Cockroach.jpg Heulandite.jpg Pyrite-Sun.jpg Amethyst-Citrine-Quartz.jpg Ulrichicrinus-coryphaeus.jpg Herkimer-Diamonds.jpg Smoky-Quartz.jpg Celestite.jpg Galena-etc.jpg Knightia-eocaena.jpg Amethyst.jpg Carcharodon-megalodon.jpg Dolomite.jpg

The time has come for me to move on and find something else to do. I am very grateful for my customers, and thank you all for stopping in, even just to show off some rocks or talk.